Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Place, My Ward

Sometimes in life you find a place where you just feel a fit. Maybe it's a job, motherhood, school, friends, family, church, really the possibilities are endless, depending on the individual. Have you ever just felt that feeling?

I was thinking about this as I left church today. We visited the Beverly Park Ward (our ward in Everett) for our last Sunday while living in Washinton. We only lived there for a year and a half but to me that was home. That one ward that I was able to feel was 'my place'. My ward. Not mine in the possessive form but mine in the emotional form.

Everywhere I turned there was another friend. Someone I have and will miss.

When we moved into the ward we had no intention of staying for long. Because of this we had no intention of really getting to know anyone very well (yes, I know how bad that sounds). The goal was just to get by until we were ready to move out to the country and buy a house. What would we have missed if we had proceeded with that plan? I shudder to think. Thank heavens Heavenly Father had another plan for us.

My only question now is, will we ever find another ward like this? Or is it one in a million? And what is it that made it so special?