Sunday, November 16, 2008


Life has been so busy I'm hardly ever even on the computer. It's a little late to post Halloween but it's better late than never. I have wanted to make a tutu for Faith for a long time. With Halloween coming I took the opportunity. My neighbor was making one for her daughter but had limited sewing experience. She tried telling me what she wanted but I just couldn't see it. After looking on the internet for patterns, even looking at the adorable tutu that Kati had made for her daughter she had something different in mind. We went to a little shop in Snohomish where she had seen the ones she liked. I totally loved them and decided to use the same idea for Faith's. It was more sewing than other tutus but Faith's turned out so well I just had to make one for my neice Harlie and sent it off to get it to her just in time for her to wear it to school. She was so excited to have a costume made from her aunt Sara. Ethyn dressed up as Batman and Abram a skeleton. When I pulled the Halloween box out Abram had to pull out every costume that would fit him and try it on. He still wears the fireman outfit every day and insists he is going to dress up as a fireman for Thanksgiving. I have tried to explain to Abram that we don't dress up for Thanksgiving but true to Abram's personality he won't be swayed. He will be a fireman for Thanksgiving. Silly boy!!!
The kids on the porch just before we set off for the evening.
Our first stop for the evening was to stop and visit my Great Great Uncle Lenard and his wife Aunt Millie. It was good to see them and it was the first time I had seen her out of their apartment. I also realized, while we had all visited them at one time or another we had never been to visit them all together as a family. I had also never taken a picture of him so this one is a picture we will treasure. For those who don't know him, he is my Great Grandmother's youngest brother that just happened to move into our ward when we lived in Everett. I had never met him before. He is one of those great miracles in our families life and a direct blessings from moving here to Washington.

After leaving their apartment I decided I really didn't want to risk the rain or freeze (though it did end up staying mostly dry and was unseasonably warm, a miracle for the greater Seattle weather). We heard an ad on the radio for trick or treating at the Everett Mall. We'd never done anything like that so we went. It was great!!! Faith even got a Barbie movie from the radio station because she let them take a picture of her.

This was our ode to to Twilight (due out later this month). I am so excited to see it. I'm currently rereading Breaking Dawn for the fifth time


wandering nana said...

The tutu was so cute. Glad you posted. I love the quilts. I do very simple quilts... one of these days I need to get adventurous, someday.

Erin and Ron Anderson said...

I love Faith's little tutu! I have seen quite a few done but nothing as good as that one! I am so glad you posted...I have been anxiously awaiting an update on whats going on with you guys! My mom said you guys are going to be in Boise for Thanksgivivng! I hope so because Ron and I will be down! BTW the quilts look so good...I made my first quilt with my mother in law this last summer and have been dying to make another one! I need to get it done! Love you

Ann said...

Yay! You're back to blogging, at least for now, so I'll take it! It's so cute that Abram is going to be a fireman for Thanksgiving. Silly boy. Love your quilts. Good job.

home sweet home here we come said...

How fast they grow look how big they have all gotten. You guys need to come to the East Coast for a visit. Maybe when things settle down for you.

Kati said...

Ooohh, I love yours WAY better than mine - it's beautiful! Oh well, I don't sew so I guess I'll have to just settle :)