Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chehalis and Portland

After the park and beach we went down to Chehalis to visit my great aunt and uncle. Aunt Len was getting ready for girls camp the next week so I she put me to working finishing their flag. We went on a drive to see the damage from the floods this past winter. Remember when 5 miles of freeway were under water? She was put in charge of the shelter at their ward building. Most things have now been fixed but the free way is still being worked on.

The next morning the kids and I drove to Portland. We went to the Oregon Zoo. We were supposed to meet up with Ann Gray at the zoo. I couldn't reach her on her phone and I couldn't find her anywhere. BOOHOO!!! I was so looking forward to seeing Shelby and catching up on life with her. We hadn't seen her in almost a year. We did enjoy the zoo but I didn't get any pictures because I still didn't know where the camera charger was.

We left the zoo at 5:30, can you say rush hour? I needed to find a laundromat to wash Abram's sleeping bag, I don't know my way around Portland, and it's rush hour. Thank heavens for the internet and map programs on computers. Even with all that I got lost 3 times and accidentally ran a red light just trying to find the Walmart. While at the checkout in Walmart I noticed I left my checkbook, including anything to pay for my purchases, in the car. I finally got out of Walmart and spent the next 1 1/2 hours trying to find a laundromat about 3 miles from the Walmart. I found it just in time so they wouldn't close before I was done WHEW!!! We finished the load just in time to get to the airport to pick up Heath only 2 minutes late. Who would have thought it would take 5 1/2 hours just to wash a sleeping bag? Not an adventure I want to repeat.

We were officially now on our trip to California.


Heidi said...

Stressful!!! That's too bad you didn't ever find Ann! What a bummer.

That's cute the kids like to write in their journals.

The Gray's said...

Sniff, sniff. I hate my phone. I am still really sad about this whole things. I hate my phone.

Tawnya said...

You're back!!! I checked your blog all the time a while ago to see what you were up to and no new posts ever came up so I finally took a break until today!!! Looks like you guys have been having fun!!! What city did you move to? Is it Monroe? Someone told me, but I can't remember. Please come visit!

Whimsy said...

Just reading this makes me tired. And I'm having flashbacks from our own trip down to Cali. It's worth it, right? When you look back at all the pictures and stuff, you sort of forget the parts when you wanted to poke out your eyes?