Sunday, August 31, 2008

The End of Summer??

It always amazes me how fast the summer passes. Where did it go? Every year I make a promise to myself that I just won't let it get away from me this year. I will lay on the lawn and watch the clouds. I will live up the sun and water. We will travel. We will go the the zoo, the beach, hiking, fishing, camping and everthing in between. Did it happen this year. Yeah for the most part we did all those things. . .but. . . it still seems the summer got away. Maybe no matter how good the summer is, it is still hard to let it go. Especially when this darn Seattle weather gives you the cold and rain the last week of vacation. I am going to try the next little bit to catch up on our busy summer.

I had planned to get that done this week but alas, the week got away from me with one bad thing after another. The vans transmission is going out EEEEERRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!! It would cost $4,000 to get it rebuilt. My sewing machine's timing went out in December and I forgot about it until this week when my ward is working on newborn kits for the humanitarian center. And the EQ Presidency was coming to visit and the house had to be cleaned (this was actually all in the same day). The EQ Pres. message turned out to be the bright spot. A scripture in 1 Nephi to gently remind me that Heavenly Father is at the head of our lives and to trust in him. So thank you EQP and Nana, the lesson goes on.


wandering nana said...

Wow, you have been busy. Are you headed to California again? So how is life? I love the picture of the 3 on the beach... so is Abram writing in his journal? I love the Portland Zoo. Did you go in the bird exhibit and feed the birds?

nomadicspud said...

We are not headed to California again. This was the trip in July. The were so cute writing in their journal. Abram draws pictures in his journals. He feels so grown up doing that. We did see the birds. The kids loved it. I got the cups of juice so the kids could get a closer look. I was trying to get a bird onto Faith's arm but when its' beak touched her arm she freaked and spilled all the juice. It was a lot of fun.